6 keys to labor migration safety [Infographic]

[Infographic] There are more than 500,000 youth Vietnamese in 40 countries and territories . Each year they send to Vietnam to $ 2 billion . Due to the labor export market is very dynamic , so bring good profits appear at the brokerage organization scams or poor performance led some professional family took money for nothing , or relatives abroad but exploited labor , not like the prospect of these organizations draw . This issue damages to not only employees , but also their families and the whole society .

To solve this problem , the Central Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh was associated with the International Labour Organisation ILO and non-profit organizations hold a campaign in order to help migrant workers to get more information and knowledge to protect themselves . Infographic is an inportant part of the campaign documents, and the design task was assigned to Adamo Studio . n.

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