What we do?

Motion Graphics (Video clip)

When you are having difficulty engaging your potential customers, or explaining how your service or product works, a motion graphic can help increase effectiveness by bringing the content to life, and also helping retention beyond the power of visuals by including strong narration and the emotional appeal of music.



Đề án dạy nghề cho thanh niên nông thôn Việt Nam tới năm 2020 (infographic) from Steve Nguyen on Vimeo.


Presentation Design

We use infographics to help your presentation decks communicate your story in a more compelling way. This versatile format is great for speaking engagements, internal training, online distribution through platforms such as Slideshare, and even for print. 



Infographic Illustration

Whether explaining an object, idea, or process, utilizing strong illustration captures interest and provides instant clarity.

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