Annual Report Presentation for Hanoi SME Association (Presentantion)

How will the information be communicated more quickly, more accurately? How to make the event to become more attractive, vibrant? How to give the conference is no longer an obsession of leaders? Here are 3 of the standing question wondering in the mind of leaders  and manager who must attend meetings and conferences frequently. The solution here is the Infographic presentations which can satisfy all the above questions, help meetings, especially meetings summarizing experiences become memorable and useful.


Hanoi Small and Medium Enterprise Association (HASMEA) is a pioneer in applying solutions infographic in media and promotion, which began with the internal communications of important meetings. And the result was beyond expectations of the board meeting, the meeting became more focused, and interested members fascinated by presentations reporting results of operations in 2013. Said Mr Mạc Quốc Anh, Vice President and Secretary General “..”