[Infographic] 4 fold brochures series on Social and Health Security programs

Social insurance and health insurance policies include many regimes with different rates of premium and benefit rates for many different groups of people, expressed in numbers, percentage of benefits … and is one of the most difficult content to absorb for most of the viewer. Communicating this content through media tools without an employee or counselor is a challenge for the social insurance agencies.

To convert the contents of social insurance and health insurance policies into infographic brochures, it is one of the extremely effective solutions to make communication quick, accurate and easy. mind. All information is extracted, reorganized and condensed, then turned into graphs, processes, and illustrations. In particular, the infographic helps the leaflets no longer  boring, users will be attracted at first sight. And so, these  infographic brochure designs will help the communication achieve a remarkable effect compared to the conventional brochure.

4 fold brochures series for Viet Nam social Security Agency  

1. Voluntary health insurance infographic brochure.

2. Family health insurance Infographic brochure

3. Pupil and student health insurance infographic brochure

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