Online Business Registration Public Service (Motion Graphic)

Online Business Registration Public Service is a public service by Ministry of Planning and Investment. It help user save a lot of time and money in comparision to previous business registration service. Clip designed by Adamo Studio    

Hanoi Young Business Association Introduction [Motion Graphic]

Hanoi Young Business Association Introduction is a prestigious enterprises in Hanoi and in Vietnam with more than 700 members and many of the major brands are leading the country as FPT, Geleximco, Phu Thai, Son Ha, Dynamic, Vincom, Eurowindow, T &…

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20-year-journey of Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs (Motion Graphic)

Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association is the biggest business association in Vietnam with nearly 10,000 members. Its branches cover 63 cities/provinces all over Vietnam territories. This clip cover the association history, developments and archievements. This video clip was shown in the 2013 Vietnam…

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