12 little secret to drive big traffic to you site [Presentation]

These are seemingly simple, but when combined together in one whole, will bring the powerful beyond imagination. Every major decision below is simple, anyone can do it so people sometimes overlooked or downplayed. But they are composited together, done regularly,…

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Terrible numbers on Vietnam traffic accident 2013 (Motion Graphic)

This TVC is a mixture of Infographic and Cinema visual effects Client: Commissions national traffic safety The clip is broadcasting on Vietnam National Television channel VTV1 and 63 local TV channels.  

Traffic accident in Vietnam – Amazing numbers (Motion Graphic)

Traffic accident kills 11,000 Vietnamese people each year. This tragedy equal to 1 tsunami in Japan each 1.5 years , or 2 Katrina storms in America each month,  or 300 families lost their member each days. Furthermore, the traffic accident…

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