Endoscopic crime trials by infographics

The big crime trial is always a strong appeal to all classes of readers . However, the matrix of complicated information related to economics and finance is always a challenge to many readers: the complex processes , sophisticated tricks , facts dense , technical vocabulary subjects not for the mass , the ingenious tactics and legal risk seems very reasonable … Recognizing these challenges , the leading Vietnam online newspaper VietNamNet combined with Adamo Studio – the 1st brand in Vietnam specializing in infographic design solutions – go to an interesting solution . That is , use infographic showing the core content of the big crime trial.

Infographic was used to filter out important details , threading related incidents , highlighting the key points to help readers understand correctly, accurately and quickly the whole case . Moreover, this expression also has high appeal visually , to help increase traffic to the articles . Even the simple infographic image can help readers eliminate the misinformation or misunderstood information caused by too many text posts appeared everywhere online .

Here are two recent college Adamo Studio project and dissected VietNamNet : The trials of Bau Kien and Duong Chi Dung

duong chi dung

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