Partnership with 1N studio to serve Vietnamese market

Adamo Studio and 1N Studio have just gained a partnership to provide high level motion graphic products to Vietnamse market. And now, Vietnamese clients can buy international standard products with reasonable prices, locally.

1N is a video design studio serves Ukraine and Russia markets. There are more than 20 highly experienced designers and more than 300 accomplished projects by 5 years of successful work. 1N Studio can handle projects any kind of difficulty and in the shortest time possible.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 1.29.14 AM

Whereas, Adamo Studio is a pioneer of Infographic design with a wide range of products, such as: motion graphic, infographic, presentation, profile, report etc,. Many of Adamo Studio customers are well-know brand in Vietnam. Further more, Adamo Studio is the exclusive infographic design partner to, the most charisma online newspaper in Vietnam.

According to Andrew, a project manager of 1N Studio ” We’re always looking for opportunities to work with people from different counties. Trying to find new partners in Vietnam we’ve contacted Adamo Studio, which is known for its good taste in motion graphics and being a reliable partner. By working with Adamo we are hoping to provide local market with high level motion videos and gaining new experience. “

We are sure, that this partnership will be very profitable for both our studios.”

These are what Vietnamese clients can buy from the partnership between Adamo Studio and 1N Studio.



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