[Motion graphic] Việt Nam là thị trường cực kỳ tiềm năng và năng động

Yêu cầu: Cần làm nổi bật việc Việt Nam là một thị trường cực kỳ tiềm năng và năng động của khu vực với các số liệu như dân số đông và trẻ, dân độ tỉ chiếm tỉ trọng lớn,…

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Two months of China’s deployment of HD-981 oil rig in Vietnam’s waters [Motion Graphic]

This info motion graphic will  give our readers a panorama of the East Sea tensions in the last two months, since China began deploying its HD-981 oil rig in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf. What are happening between…

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Terrible numbers on Vietnam traffic accident 2013 (Motion Graphic)

This TVC is a mixture of Infographic and Cinema visual effects Client: Commissions national traffic safety The clip is broadcasting on Vietnam National Television channel VTV1 and 63 local TV channels.  

20-year-journey of Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs (Motion Graphic)

Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association is the biggest business association in Vietnam with nearly 10,000 members. Its branches cover 63 cities/provinces all over Vietnam territories. This clip cover the association history, developments and archievements. This video clip was shown in the 2013 Vietnam…

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